Horizontal Flags

We offer three horizontal printable US Flag clip art options for you to choose from. Each fits on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of Paper!

Free Fifty Star US Flag Clip ArtFree Fifty Star US Flag Clip ArtFree 15 Star US Flag Clip ArtFree Waving US Flag Clip Art

Vertical Flags

We offer two vertical American Flag clipart printing solutions. Attach to the back of a Horizontal flag for a two-sided effect!

Free Vertical US Flag Clip ArtFree Vertical US Flag Clip Art

Other Options

We also offer transparency images, printable United States Flag stickers and Patriotic mail return labels in Word Document files.*

Free US Flag Clip ArtFree US Flag Clip ArtFree US Flag Clip ArtFree US Flag Transparency Clip Art


Instructions: Step One
Open or download the Adobe PDF of the flag you wish to print. All American Flag clipart on Print Our flag is in PDF form, if you don't have it download Acrobat Reader now to continue!
Instructions: Step Two
Print image to your color printer. Make sure when you print you select the "Landscape" option.
Instructions: Step Three
Trim any excess white-space to your liking then display and enjoy your flag!