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Print Our Flag was originally produced in response to the U.S. flag shortages following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The original concept still holds true today as we continue to provide quality free American Flag pictures so you can print American flags on your printer at home with regular paper, stickers, mail return labels and you can even print American flag clipart for your kids to color as they would a coloring book.

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Kids Zone!

Are you looking for a great way to teach kids about American history and have fun at the same time? Our American Flag Clipart section is created so you can download flags, print them out and share time with your kids while they color their flags!

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Now you can not only download and print American Flag pictures, but you can also print out American Flag clipart that fits on sticker paper! These are great for Fourth of July parties, election rallies and any time you want to be Patriotic! Get clear sticker paper for use on windows!

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Your Designs!

From the conception of Print Our Flag, we've offered not only quality free American Flag clipart, but designs that our visitors ahve submitted. We urge you to continue to send us your designs and we'll continue to post them for others to download, print and display!